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Xu "JosephZhou is a distinguished professional artist, professor, and art consultant. He holds the honor of being voted as one of the top 10 most influential artists in Asia. Xu Zhou is renowned as a Court Artist, recognized for his exceptional commissioned artworks featuring historical figures.

Mr. Zhou stands as a revered artist, celebrated across Asia and North America. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has been given a multitude of prestigious awards and honors, each a testament to his remarkable contributions.


In 2019, he was recognized with the distinguished Award for the Most Outstanding Artist in Culture and Arts over the preceding four decades in China, a testament to his enduring impact on the cultural landscape. In the preceding year, 2018, he won the Chinese Nobel Prize Lifetime Achievement Award in Literature and Culture, underscoring his widespread influence on the artistic community in China.


In 2015, Mr. Zhou received the Certificate of Peace Medal, an accolade that symbolizes his tireless dedication to fostering friendship between the people of Canada and China. In addition, he was granted the exclusive privilege to paint the portraits of the past four Chinese Presidents, a unique honor among artists that reflects his artistic skills and the trust in his craft.

Mr. Zhou's career is a testament to the profound and lasting impact he has made on the worlds of art, culture, and diplomacy. His artistic journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the boundless potential of the human spirit, celebrated and recognized on both sides of the Pacific.


Zhou's artistic narrative revolves around many pivotal events and figures that have shaped history. His primary mission is to encapsulate the essence of Peace, an aspiration that extends to all of humanity, the grace of Womanhood, and the profound bond of Motherly Love.


During the tumultuous throes of the pandemic, Zhou's artistic perspective underwent a profound transformation. As the world grappled with a paradigm shift, he pivoted away from his customary portrayal of distinguished government officials. In the midst of the lockdown, he embraced the opportunity to forge a more intimate and contemplative connection with his craft. This metamorphosis in his artistry bore fruit in a series titled, "Nirvana. Eternal Life - the Poignant Pandemic."

This exhibition delves into the intricate and often tumultuous interplay between humankind, the animal kingdom, and the ethereal realm. Zhou seamlessly weaves traditional Chinese ink art techniques, age-old symbols drawn from the annals of ancient Asia, and an abstract artistic style to give form to his vision. Within these meticulously crafted compositions, the symbol of the Covid-19 virus takes on a novel significance. It is represented not as an emblem of dread, but as tranquil avian forms gazing upon a world tinged with apprehension. Imbued with the ancient concept of Qi, Zhou's works pulsate with vitality and vigor. Each brushstroke becomes a testimony to the artist's very existence, an expression of breath, life, and the boundless wellspring of energy. Xu Zhou's art seeks to resonate with the beholder, to ignite a shared spark of inspiration, and to kindle the profound interconnectedness that unites all living things.

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